A random assortment of projects

If you're reading this, you've either clicked, "Random" just to see what was here, or you're super thorough and really interested in every nook and cranny of my site. Congratulations? Congratulations!

I'm using this page as a catch-all for projects that I think are fun or successful enough to share, but are less tied to my given occupation. (Or are old enough that I'm not going to publish them to Dribbble.) Let's call this the, "color" section of the site. Feel free to flick through until something catches your fancy.

ESPN magazine spread ESPN spread close crop

Infographic spread for ESPN The Magazine.

Way back in the day, sailors used to make mementos of their travels by scratching pictures into the leftovers of their catch — whale teeth and bones — smearing the drawing with soot and then wiping it clean, leaving only the engraved lines visible. I'm not sure how I came to take up this hobby, but I really enjoy it!

scrimshaw in-progress

Scrimshaw engravings on antique, ivory piano keys.

Throughout my time at Kiva, I've come up with various spec designs for products I believed to be underachieving. This is a homepage design that incorporated a more modern aesthetic with many of the complaints we'd heard in our periodic user surveys.

Kiva spec redesign Kiva spec redesign

Kiva homepage redesign mockups, circa 2015.

These next images are what’s called a BLAD (Book Layout And Design) — a preview of a book designed to be taken (in this case) to the Frankfurt Book Fair and pitched as a proof of concept. The photographer had carried the large stone around the world with him on his travels and photographed it along the way. I created the BLAD from his concept, and oversaw the eventual production.

stone blad cover stone blad spread stone blad spread stone blad spread

Can you imagine lugging that thing around the world? That's dedication to a theme!

blog comic

A quick comic I made for a colleague who needed an illustration for a blog article she was asked to write.

In a past life I was an art director at a small advertising agency in Southwest Florida.

Clarke website Clarke website zoomed

Mockups for the Clarke Advertising website, using the metaphor of an online dating theme.

United Way you connect the dots campaign United Way you connect the dots campaign

Print ads for a fundraising campaign with The United Way, entitled "You connect the dots".

holiday 2013 card

I make a Christmas card each year. I thought this one was particularly fun (albeit illegible...)