Caterpillar Apparel showcase book

On this project, I was hired as Art Director of a team tasked with creating a brand book which would be presented to prospective franchisees in China and Europe.

It was a bare bones team, so I worked on every element of the project from concept to production, including: print/paper spec, press checks, photo shoots, layout and design. The budget was large (that’s always great), and a few hundred books were printed at a cost of just under $100 apiece (with metal embossed and screen printed binder).

lifestyle collection spread

How the spreads actually looked in the binder. Sections were tabbed for easy browsing.

true then spread true now spread

Spreads highlighting Caterpillar's rugged roots, and modern evolution.

brand photography

Product photography from shoots I directed. If you've never directed a child model... I don't recommend it.

workwear spread

Aesthetics first paid homage to Caterpillar's established brand identity, before selling the new lifestyle brand.

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