Kiva visual designs

Here is a compilation of some of my non-product-related work at Kiva. Much of this falls underneath the umbrella of marketing, but I chose these pieces as they best highlight a range of mediums.

Having previously been at a much larger company, I really relish how tight the collaboration and communication is company-wide at Kiva. My projects vary from turning over a simple flyer in a handful of hours, to creating a landing page over a few days, to operating as part of a six month feature group to run experiments on user engagement.

international women's day 2017

Campaign emblem lockup and aesthetic direction for International Women's Day 2017.

Kiva stickers

Internal swag reflecting Kiva's five office locations — Lima, Nairobi, Bangkok, Istanbul, and San Francisco.

San Francisco campaign

Kiva partnership with the City of San Francisco for a local lending campaign called, "Keep the heart in SF".
(The woman in old-timey clothing is unrelated to the campaign — I just liked the shot.)

international women's day 2018

Campaign emblem lockup and aesthetic direction for International Women's Day 2018.

responsive page UIs

A couple of responsive landing pages.

oakland billboard

Billboard for Kiva's local lending partnership with the City of Oakland.

oakland bart billboard

BART billboard for the Oakland campaign, "This is Oakland". (I art directed the campaign photo shoots as well.)

Kiva page UI

Borrower photo-heavy landing page for a Free Trial campaign.

$1 Billion in Change banner

Emblem and campaign aesthetic for our milestone $1 billion in loans.

various social network infographic assets

Various social network infograhics to engage followers.

Kiva lending team UI

UI for visualizing lending team impact.

Kiva U printables

"Movie night" printable assets for the Kiva U education program.

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